(Parallel) Adventures in Gigging and Babysitting

I had a fun gig tonight. It was made more exciting by the breaking of my C string right at the start of the show. That meant that I couldn’t play any notes that exist only on that string (the really low ones). More importantly, it meant that the D and G strings went wildly out of tune, at least a half step sharp, making it seriously unwise for me to play any open strings other than the A string. So, I played D’s on the G string, and didn’t play open G’s, and went up an octave for the C, D, E, and F that are on the C string. That rattled me a bit, but I still had a great time. And then, when they started talking (this was a benefit concert) I slipped out and got the C string that a section-mate thankfully had in her case, re-tuned my cello, and came back right as we were about to play the next song.

I was just thinking, last week, that it was time for me to get a new set of strings. Tonight I thought that, at least, thank the universe, this didn’t happen during one of my concerts last week, when there might not have been a fortuitous fellow cellist with extra strings.

I will carry a spare set with me all the time now. Lesson learned.

Nonetheless, the afternoon and evening were great. When I was paying for parking another musician arrived. She said that she really enjoyed watching me play. She said that while I often looked serious, she liked the fact that I’d break into a smile. And I did smile a lot during this show. One thing I do like about playing in orchestras (and miss when I’m not) is the unspoken appreciation, sometimes humorous, that stand partners can share about a creative fingering, a missed entrance, or something that happens in the orchestra. Enjoyment is definitely increased by being shared, and that is at the center of the best musical experiences.

Meantime, on the home front…

Our backup care nanny, who arrived when the kids were down for their nap, got sick and started vomiting around 5 pm. She called Ted, who was at his workout. He was luckily close to home, so he came back to take care of the kids so she could leave. Speaking of getting sick, the babysitter who was going to come take care of the kids so he could go to an elementary school tour last night couldn’t come because she too started upchucking. Hmmm, coincidence? Ted says that he’s feeling a most likely psychosomatic unsettled sensation in his tummy, and is drinking peppermint tea. It is hard for me to adequately express the fervency of my hope that no one in our feeling spends the weekend puking. We are just coming out of the hectic and overworked period we’ve been in. I would deeply appreciate our being able to enjoy that illness-free.

It was a beautiful day today. I am also hoping that this weekend will include time for me to work in the garden. I want to plant things, dig other things up, and generally revel in the beginnings of spring.


2 thoughts on “(Parallel) Adventures in Gigging and Babysitting

  1. johnny rooftop says:

    I break a string almost every gig lol! G most commonly. I play acoustic guitar though

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