Business, life’s balancing act

Someone told me recently that they’d heard that if one’s constant response to the inquiry, “How are you doing?” was, “Busy,” then there’s too much going on, too much on the plate. I figure that’s true in the larger sense, though there will be times of more or less work. Certainly, I feel like I haven’t seen my kids too many nights the past couple of weeks, and I’m seeing that in my own feelings and Hazel’s.

Today my nanny and I took the twins to their swim lesson, the third to last in this cycle. As the temps warm and the season changes I won’t mind not taking them inside for that time for a while. I look forward to ridding myself of at least that one item on my calendar. I look forward to taking them to the park, looking at the flowers coming up and blooming. I look forward to a bit more time for me, and a bit more time for me with the twins.

Tonight I made it back home just before the kids were asleep, and got to nurse Joanna and read the twins a book, as well as getting in a bit of snuggling with Hazel. She asked me the names of everyone I taught today, and then told me (accurately) those whom she had met before. She loves seeing and talking with my students. Tomorrow will be another long afternoon and evening, and I’ll get back long after the kids are asleep, again. It will be good to get back to a more regular routine for a while.


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