Cats, fun music, kids’ pets

I took the cats to the vet today, for their initial checkup. They are both very healthy, and though Pepper protested mightily being put in the box, and complained when our vet started working on him, he forgave her. By the time we were ready to leave he was resting his chin on her arm, draping a paw over her wrist, and purring. She also gave me food and litter recommendations we’re going to try. The litter is “Cat Country Litter”, which she says does an excellent job of controlling odor and doesn’t get tracked all over the place. Frankly, one reason why I was resistant to getting cats again is that I really dislike having kitty litter making its way throughout the house, on furniture, in corners, under rugs, on the bed, etc. So if this solves those issues I’ll be happy.

By the time this evening’s rehearsal rolled around I was feeling quite a bit better. Also, I brought a cushion to reduce the impact of the sideways slant on my back. Those two things significantly improved my experience. Additionally, my stand partner and I have been having a lot of fun playing together. In fact, at break a woman who’d been sitting in the audience came up to tell me how much she’d enjoying watching us, that we were clearly having a blast playing the music. And that’s good. If you don’t enjoy it, it can become a chore. And then time stretches, and stretches, and stretches in that way it has that makes you wonder if you’re ever going to get home again. So I’m glad to be having it the other way.

Also during break I checked Facebook and found that Ted had posted the cutest picture ever (I think it wins the internet) of Joanna snuggling with Pepper. I am so glad that we got such gentle kitties, and that the kids are so gentle with them. The relationship is lovely to watch. My friend told me at rehearsal that he had a cat that slept with him every night for its whole life (once he’d gotten out of the crib and into a bed). I am so glad that my kids will have those memories too, have cats to love who love them back. It’s such a marvelous relationship that can teach kids important lessons about love, boundaries, respect, and mutuality. And it’s sweet to see, too.


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