elementary school choices, appointments, life balance

Tonight’s rehearsal was conducted in a movie theater, so I was sitting and playing for three hours on a chair that slanted pretty significantly sideways. My back is not happy with me. I might bring some sort of cushion tomorrow. It’s a rock gig, and that’s a kick, playing tunes I know (a few of) the words to.

Earlier today I had a bunch of appointments. First I went to tour the school Hazel’s likely to attend in the fall. I did like the vibe, and there will be other neighborhood kids in her class if she goes there. There’s more music and art available at that school, which I appreciate. Also, it would be a totally reasonable bike ride or a 15 – 20 minute walk, entirely doable. But there is no foreign language at all. I think we’ll want to find some way to keep the Spanish going if she doesn’t go to the elementary we’re applying to. I really don’t want her to lose all that language she’s learned over the past two and a half years.

I left the tour early to arrive, late, at my chiropractic appointment. My back still hasn’t stabilized from the car accident. I am looking forward to seeing my regular chiropractor again after she gets back from her maternity leave. Then, I went to see my doctor, just to check and make sure nothing is going on that needs to be addressed. And indeed, a strep test came back negative, despite the presence of blisters in my throat. That is good. Hopefully it’ll resolve soon. I can’t sing to my kids right now, and I miss doing so.

Then after nap Hazel had a piano lesson. She was not prepared, as this week we didn’t find time to practice, so it was a bit frustrating for her, I think. We’ll rectify that this week.

One step at a time, I have to keep reminding myself.


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