teaching, sick, Hazel’s a great kid

I had a very new student choose to dive all around the fingerboard today when I told him to play random notes in a specific rhythm. I’ve never had a student that new (third lesson, I think) do that, and it made me happy.

Post-concerts, my body is showing me the results of too little downtime and too much work, and I’m sick. It’s reasonably unpleasant. I’m going to the doc tomorrow.

Hazel bought me roses at the store tonight. And then when I mentioned to Ted that we should clear all the non-nighttime-routine books off of the end table, she went and put them away. And then she asked how it had felt to me for her to do that, which was wonderful, as we’ve been working on communicating feelings rather than characterizations. (Ie, “I really loved doing X, Y, Z,” rather than, “Wasn’t it nice of me to do X, Y, Z?”) I appreciated all of those very thoughtful things.

Here’s hoping I feel better tomorrow. I have rehearsals Tuesday and Wednesday and a gig Friday. I dislike being sick (yeah, I’m a bit of a whiner), but being sick and working and parenting is really no fun for anyone.


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