“Eeeessssh!”, twins, baby clothes

This afternoon, Ted and I were unable to go through baby clothes without putting aside a few as keepsakes. Nevertheless, we took three bags’ full over to one friend who’s got six-week-old twins, and boxed up another couple bags’ worth to send off to a college friend of mine who’s got days-old twins as well. We have fellow-feeling for others who’ve found themselves where we were not so long ago. Though it is astounds me to see how different my friend’s twins are from Emily and Joanna, when there is only a year and a half between them. So much happens so quickly in those first few years! They are so tiny, that when we came back to our family I had a reminder of how it felt to see Hazel the evening we brought Joanna and Emily home, so huge and vivid by comparison. Our twins are babies no longer, even though I think they will always be so in my heart.

Emily has started making a sound that’s identifiable as her word for fish: it’s something like, “eesssh!”, and she says it whenever she points at a picture of a fish. She always wants to know what each animal is called in any book we read, though she still meows for all of them, which always makes me giggle.

Today was the first day in a long while I didn’t pick up my cello. I was just bushed. By the end of five lessons and the baby-clothes adventure I’d lost my voice and was dragging. But tomorrow I’ll start on the packet of tunes I got for the gig this week. And maybe I’ll start on the Schumann Cello Concerto. That’s another piece I never learned that I’d like to. I want to capitalize on all this effort and motivation.


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