Concert, moving forward

Tonight’s program was the best kind: it made me want to practice more. The repertoire was varied, virtuosic, and engaging. Severine combines passion with amazing control and capability. The first half of the concert was a cello recital, and we played with her on the second half. I am still processing it all.

What I do know is that after these three concerts are over, I have specific repertoire goals I want to set and achieve. I never did learn the Kodaly Sonata For Solo Cello. I want to now. I also want to learn the Kodaly Duo for Violin and Cello. And other things. Having shown myself that I can rehearse three hours and practice two hours a day even now with three kids, I want to stick to a minimum of an hour of practice every day. I want to keep getting better, not slide back and down. There are so many challenges to answer and enjoy. I don’t want to just survive: I want to grow.

After the concert, I had a good conversation with a friend who’s also a cellist and a parent. He said to someone else that we were talking about practicing, parenting. Actually, we were talking about practicing parenting; practicing; parenting; and parenting practicing.

But now, I need to sleep.


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