Great rehearsal!, fighting a cold, cats!

We had a 2.5 hour rehearsal tonight on one piece, “Ire,” by Rebecca Saunders. It was a very important and productive rehearsal, one in which the chaos was mastered and a crazy, musical, expressive order emerged, composed of very dramatic effects, dynamics, and some serious counting and listening. And I had my personal watershed moment when my level of familiarity with the material, combined with a lot of practice, and an intense amount of focus through the rehearsal brought me to the realization that I can do this, and I can do it well, not just survive the experience. There is still so much for me to work on, and our concert is this week. And it’s only one of three concerts I have in three days, all with different material. But I am now enjoying myself. And you can hear shapes emerging from the ensemble, hear us playing together more. It is exciting.

I am, of course, fighting a cold. I have not been sick much since going Paleo, but my ear nose and throat are feeling like they’re under siege. I’ve taken some immune support, and am going to shower and go to bed soon, and try to give myself enough TLC that I’m not playing these three concerts super under the weather. That is less enjoyable, though after a lifetime of training and experience, you find the energy somewhere in order to play and perform. Having kids, though, I can’t just collapse in a heap before and after my rehearsals and concerts.

When I came home tonight I put my stuff away in the studio and then came upstairs. Ted was in the kitchen cooking and cleaning (thank you Ted!!!!!), and I was in the middle of saying hi to him when I saw a little black furry face and two yellow eyes staring at me. Cat! Greeting Jasmine, I heard a meow and realized that Pepper was present too, under the table. Cats! The cats are out! It was nice to pick up a kitty and fuzz her, to pet another kitty, and to feel their companionship as Ted and I talked, I typed, and Ted cooked.

So, off I go to shower and sleep.


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