rehearsal with soloist, cats and kids, Volvo

Today we introduced the babies to Pepper (formerly known as Pete). His full name is Sergeant Pepper, but we’ll call him Pepper for short. Jasmine hung out in the closet, but when we brought the kids in Pepper immediately came over to rub and love on them, and they did such an outstanding job of petting him with an open hand and patting him gently. Joanna even gave him a soft hug. I was amazed by how well that first meeting went.

This afternoon we had a rehearsal with our soloist. It was amazing to hear her C string tuned down an octave. It’s one thing to hear it on the recording, but to hear it face to face, so to speak, is even more incredible. She was using a borrowed cello, as the airline refused to let her buy a seat for her cello. I find that bizarre. She is friendly and warm, professional, so capable, and deeply musical in her approach. I loved the glimpses I got of her hands on the cello. And that’s all it was, as I was occupied with my part for most of the time.

I picked up the Volvo on the way home, and it’s fixed, yay! That is, the issue that was causing it to die periodically and the engine light always to be on is fixed. As for the overdrive light, we’re going to have to cover over the rear defog button, because when it’s turned on it causes the overdrive fuse to blow, and then the overdrive is on all the time, which is tough on the car and makes it a lot of no fun to drive. So later on we’ll fix the rear defog, but that’s another $250 we don’t need to be spending right now.

Tonight after we got the kids down we let the cats out of the pink room. We went and sat down in the yellow room and they came along. I picked up Jasmine and plopped her in my lap where she sat happily purring and drooling (I eventually wiped her mouth – even after having had three babies, I do have some gross-out capability left) for a long time. And they do look different. Pepper is a medium-haired kitty, while Jasmine is long-haired. She also has a white star on her chest. And she doesn’t appear to meow. He does, but not tons. I think we’ll all get along pretty well.

As Hazel says, we’re now a family of seven. Thankfully two of our family members require relatively little daily upkeep.

My nose and sinuses seem to be reacting. I wonder if I do have something of a cat allergy. I hope I’ll re-adapt to having kitties in the house. I think we’ll be more scrupulous about frequently cleaning, given how much the twins like to pick things up from the floor and investigate them, often with their tongues.

But I’m glad the kids have cats again.


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