good rehearsal, NEW CATS!

Today I had another rehearsal. Yeah, I know, that’s not news. But it went really well, and I have that nice pleased floaty feeling that comes from seeing results from one’s hard work, feeling a piece come together. In this case, two pieces. And I like the Britten more and more as I hear it and play it more.

After my rehearsal we went for a walk, and agreed to tell Hazel that we were going to see two cats, that we weren’t necessarily going to get them, but we wanted to see how they were and how they reacted to her. Then we put the kids down for nap, and to her great credit, Hazel went down and slept for an hour, despite the excitement of our upcoming kitty visit.

Once our nanny arrived we left with Hazel. We got to the neighborhood of the two kitties. We texted. The guy texted back. Another person had taken them that day, and he hadn’t let me know. Hazel was crushed. Ted and I were somewhat crushed too. I suggested we go to a local cat shelter, and he agreed. The staggeringly inevitable result, of course, is that we came home with two new cats. Many of the cats at the shelter were asleep and seemed pretty uninterested in us, but we picked the two that were most responsive and friendliest, as well as showing signs of activity. They are both very sweet, produce immediate purrs when petted, and were reasonably relaxed around each other too.

They are also both medium to long-haired black cats. It’s ironic: I didn’t want to get cats that looked like either Satchmo or Chester, and now we have two Satchmo lookalikes. But the most important thing was personality, and so these are the two we wound up with. I am sure we will constantly be getting them mixed up. And we also now have two cats that are very hard to photograph. Nonetheless, here are pictures.

This is the cat currently named Pete (but we are going to call him something else):
Pete-cat, day we brought him home

And this is Jasmine (currently spelled Jazmine): Jasmine, day we brought her home

I am still in a bit of a state of shock that we did this today. We are SO BUSY right now, and the house is still a patchwork of reasonably clean rooms and chaotic messes. Possibly without the factor of Hazel, we would have waited longer. But it is very nice to have a cat to pet again.

After we got the kids down for the night I went downstairs to practice. Ted waited in the pink room with the kitties to see how they’d react. When he came downstairs he reported that they didn’t twitch a whisker, so that’s good.

Hazel is so happy and excited to have two new kitties. When we said we’d get two and not just one her eyes bugged out and she said, “Two??!!” in a voice of delighted incredulity. It is fun to make someone’s day, particularly your kid’s. I am very curious to see how the twins will react, once we start letting the cats out of the pink room. We will watch carefully as little kids are often not very gentle with pets, and we want the relationship to be a positive one. But we successfully taught Hazel how to be gentle with Chester and Satchmo (still, to some degree, the cats who fill the slot in my heart marked _My Cats_) and I think we’ll be able to teach Joanna and Emily too. Also, we have a lot of cat trees. Jasmine has already claimed the pagoda.

If you have name suggestions for the-cat-currently-called-Pete, feel free to leave them in the comments. 🙂


3 thoughts on “good rehearsal, NEW CATS!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Beautiful kitty babies!

  2. cellocatnw says:

    Thanks, Stephanie! They’re very sweet, too. 🙂

  3. Ladybird says:

    Hate to be cliché but you could go for Pablo? After Casals, of course! It begins with P, too, so might help with getting Pete to recognise his new name? My partner used to have 2 cats called Pablo and Casals. Just a thought, anyway. ^_^ They look lovely! I have a dream of getting a Golden Retriever – I think I’d share Hazel’s enthusiasm if I got to have two!

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