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We had another three-hour trio rehearsal this morning, solving articulation and phrasing questions, doing further work on being really together as an ensemble. Breathing together makes an enormous difference. Breath is an amazingly multifaceted thing: obviously, it carries oxygen to your lungs, but it also is a powerful channel for communication with others and with the world around us. At the end of our rehearsal I asked Hazel if she’d like to listen to the first movement, and she did, sitting quietly and listening.

Ted and I got the girls down for nap and then crashed ourselves. To our chagrin, however, Emily woke up after 45 minutes and wouldn’t go back to sleep. I took her downstairs. I tried cuddling her, reading to her, talking to her. Ultimately, I ran a bath and let her play in the water. That stopped the screaming cycle. I hope this round of teething is over soon, poor baby.

After nap Ted took some down time, and I took the girls for a walk. In the rain. Under a gray blanket. Today was a day I really wished we could move to California. I long so desperately for the sunshine sometimes. It’s worse when I’m overworked and overstretched, because my margins are slimmer overall. My friend E and I want to go the spa together. We haven’t done that in years, but we’ll plan a nice afternoon, and that will help.

Tonight I got in a bit of practice before the kids’ bedtime, and over an hour after it. I am really proud of myself for the amount and quality of work I’ve put in over the past several weeks. One of the things I was practicing tonight was really fast pizzicato. That’s something that doesn’t come easily for me, and I have to really work it up gradually. I am a few clicks of the metronome away from where I need to be, but getting closer. And I’m getting more accurate with the meter changes in that passage, too. When you’re swapping between measures counted in 5 and measures counted in 4, it’s easy to give too much time to the latter. This particular passage is played with the double bass, and sounds cool. I look forward to hearing how it’s sounding in our next rehearsal, on Monday.

Finally, after long last, I’m getting my bigger laptop back this week, now that its fan has been fixed. I can’t wait. That’s the machine on which I sort and post pictures, and behind doesn’t adequately describe the status of my work with them. It will be great to get it set up, so that I can do a few minutes here or there, and start getting slowly caught up. And then maybe I can put together the annual family calendar, a mite late, ahem, but it would be nice to get one done before our summer visit to my kids’ paternal grandmother.

Tomorrow we’re going to go see a couple of cats that need a home. This is a bit of a practice run for us, to see how we feel about them, to see if we have the desire to bring them home. Our house is still a disaster, so it’s hard to imagine adding other beings to it, but we want to see how it feels with actual cats for consideration, rather than just the idea of them.

And tomorrow, of course, there’ll be another monster rehearsal, and more practicing. I also really want to make a bit of time for Hazel and me. She’s been asking for it, and we could use it.


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