nap fail, practicing, bathtime, bracing for impact

Today was massive nap fail, and that is the thing that stands out in my mind. It happened yesterday too, and we assumed it was because we’d put them down too late. But today was much more the usual timeline, and I wound up working on getting either or both of the twins to sleep for well over an hour. I am really not sure why. Usually all it takes for Joanna is to pick her up, snuggle her for a moment, and then put her back down. Today, she was having none of it. She cried and cried and cried. She would only calm down in my arms, despite extended attempts to shush her, as well as periods of leaving the room to let her calm herself down. Emily did eventually fall asleep, after various awakenings brought on by Joanna’s cries and screams. That was hard!

Also today, various practice sessions. I do love the sound of the cello. And my tone has been improving of late, what with all of this work. I enjoyed various of the passages I was working on. I didn’t get quite as much time in as I wanted, but pretty close.

Tonight we bathed the kids. We hadn’t actually done that since the episodes of stomach-emptying, and it was past time. They love being in the bath. The swimming lessons have benefitted the twins, too. When they fall down they’re pretty good at getting up, and it doesn’t freak them out to get their faces and heads wet.

Tomorrow starts the run of rehearsals and performances that will be daily through Saturday afternoon the following weekend. Here goes!


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