Being sick, friends

It was a bad night of throwing up or feeling like I had to throw up. So today I mostly slept, though I rallied enough to teach my five Wednesday evening students, and then made a roasted chicken and veggies dish. My friend A took Hazel to her swim lesson, and Ted stayed home to work a half day and take care of the kids for half a day. I am grateful. Caring for kids when you’re nauseous isn’t fun.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to skip the twins’ swimming lesson so I can practice. That’s in the category of you-do-what-you-gotta-do.

While I was supine in bed, I did have a good talk with an old and dear friend who lives in another state. I am glad I have friends I can reach out to on the phone. I miss my friends who live elsewhere, though. It’s so wonderful to be face to face, to be with someone you love and trust, to see their expressions and body language, to feel their energy more immediately. That particular group of friends is a bit sporadically planning another get-together, and it’ll be great to see them when we manage to make that happen.


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