For the love of music

I love music. I love to hear it, to play it, to see other people really getting into playing it. Between work and family, I don’t get out to concerts and gigs that often. Tonight I went to a friend’s show. It was such a wonderful reminder of why I chose to pursue music professionally, why I wanted to play cello in the first place, and why I continue to love it to this day.

I love the sound. I love harmonies. I love hearing the bass in a band lay down the harmonic foundation. I love hearing the relationship between the bass line and the rhythm. I love hearing melodies and counter-melodies weaving around each other. I love hearing groups that have made music together so often that they’re so tight, so cohesive that it seems easy (though I know how much time and effort goes into that.) I love watching other musicians rocking out.

For me, there is no high like those moments when you’re making music with other people and it all comes together and you’re part of an instrument that’s come alive between you. There is nothing like it.

I am so glad to be a musician.


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