School choice

School choice is a big topic, and it’s been on our plates lately. I am, however, too tired to do it justice. I’ll just make the following points about where I am on the issue right now.

  • We are glad there is more than one reasonable school in our area.
  • I would really like Hazel to be able to walk to school if possible.
  • If the elementary school is too far for Hazel to walk, we will be working on riding bikes to school, whether we take her in the Madsen, or she rides her own bike. We don’t like the car culture.
  • The idea of testing kindergarteners and then giving them homework still gives me the willies.
  • It is sometimes hard to tell the difference between an outraged but reflexive, “We did it differently in my day!” [ie better], and a genuine concern about the direction in which things are being taken. One doesn’t always have the right criteria by which to judge.
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