Mommy-Daddy-Hazel day 2.1.14; swimming, gardening, ice cream, games

Today was a Mommy-Daddy-Hazel day. We have spent so little time together just the three of us since the twins were born, and it was nice to have it just be the three of us. She was super excited to show Ted her blast-offs in the pool, so we went swimming for the first part of our time. She had an enormous grin on her face while we were in the pool, and the hot tub for a few minutes at the end. What particularly amazed me was that when she went under, as she did a few times, it didn’t freak her out. She was matter-of-fact about it a couple of times, and proud another couple. What a change!

After a nice brunch at a favorite breakfast spot of Hazel’s, we went to a nursery. We have old lavender plants that have taken over a big chunk of our garden, so we planned to buy a couple new smaller ones to replace them, some wooly thyme, which we love and which got consumed by the lavenders, and maybe think about something with blooms to replace the rhodie which is going to be moved to a shadier spot in the backyard where it will be happier. We picked out some thymes and then headed out doors to look for the lavenders. Then Hazel had to go, so Ted took her inside, and I wandered around a bit aimlessly. I wound up in conversation with an employee who turned out to be the main rose maven, and we had a fabulous long talk. I love roses, but haven’t really known how to care for them. She told me what to do with the ones we have in our front garden, and by the end of the conversation Ted and Hazel and I had picked out four new roses for the various garden areas in front of our house. One medium-sized plant, a “Firefighter” hybrid tea rose, will go in a small area where we have Pacific Coast Iris and strawberries (we’re going to move the strawberries, which are prone to fungus, to a planter box in the back). Two short roses, an “orange All Atwitter”, and a white with yellow center “Gourmet Popcorn” (really, who comes up with these names??) will go on the berm where the lavender was, along with the new small lavenders. Additionally, we got a medium-sized yellow rose with orange/red edges called, “Rio Samba” that Hazel absolutely loved. We will pot it for now, and plant it in our new garden in the back of the house when we’ve done the regarding & prepping of beds this fall. And now, I’m looking forward to cutting the roses back in March and seeing new growth and new blooms in the spring and summer.

When we got home we dug out the lavenders. Now our little Impeditum rhodie that was also getting swallowed up by the lavenders will hopefully recover. Hazel was agitating almost the entire ride home and during the plant removal for the next item on our agenda, which was going to get ice cream. We’d designated today as a treat day, and she’s been looking forward to a double-decker kids’ ice cream for weeks. We allowed her to persuade us to drive to the store so that we’d have time to play a board game when we got home. So, once we were back, tummies full of the sweet treat, we got out “Robot Turtles,” a game given us by my brother, and played a couple of rounds. Hazel was, of course, the Turtle Master.

I really can’t take even a kid’s sized ice cream any more. It’s sad, but even that amount of sugar messes with my insides. But good to know.

Hazel was tired and clingy during bedtime, but everyone went down pretty easily tonight. And then, with the moral support of Ted who came downstairs with me and hung out while I worked, I practiced for about an hour. That makes two for today.

Lovely day with my daughter and partner today.

Rehearsal tomorrow.

I’m happy about both.


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