motivation, family

Well, I had huge resistance to practicing tonight. I still did it for almost two hours, so bully for me. Why did I not want to? I’m tired, sore, already had a long day, etc. Why did I do it? Partly because I had two separate conversations with students today about practicing and motivation, and I have to put my money where my mouth is. Let’s hear it for teaching as a way to keep us honest.

Ted has been picking up the cooking slack while I’m busting my butt on the cello, for which I am very grateful.

Hazel loves to buy me flowers, and there are roses in the living room and tulips in the kitchen. I am also really grateful and happy about that.

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s haircut, to having someone else wash my hair and cut it, to being taken care of for an hour and a half. Other weekend activities will include doing taxes, and a Mommy-Daddy-Hazel day. And, of course, practicing and more practicing.

I’m also looking forward to seeing the twins tomorrow morning. On Thursdays I teach quite late and don’t usually get home until almost 9:30 pm. That means I don’t see the kids from about 2 pm Thursday until Friday morning. I miss them. It will be lovely to snuggle with them in the big chair.


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