Joanna crawling, dinner with my uncle, sleep

It may be a giant coincidence, but yesterday Joanna crawled partway up our neighbor’s driveway when we were out for a walk. This was one day after her PT appointment. It was neat to see.

Also yesterday we got to have dinner with my uncle who is in town, after which we showed him our new basement spaces. He hadn’t met the twins yet, and hadn’t seen Hazel in quite a while. I love seeing the connections between my kids and their wider family. The twins weren’t sure about this new person, but they were willing to be picked up and held for moments, anyway.

And then I committed parental subterfuge, otherwise known as lying to my kids. Since it was Tuesday, I pretended I was going out to write, Ted took the kids upstairs, and my uncle and I went out for coffee and conversation. That was great. I don’t remember the last time I got to hang out with just him. My mom and her sister and brother are very close. I enjoy talking with someone who’s known my mom since she was a little kid.

And then, when I got home I skipped everything, including writing this post, because Ted and I are going to try to wrench our bedtime back to something early enough that we’re reasonably well-rested, more able to face whatever the day brings us. We managed 11:15 pm last night, aiming for 10:45. Each night there are any number of things that seem more important than sleep. Each morning nothing seems more important than sleep. It’s quite compelling. We’re going to try setting the oven timer tonight. It’s loud and obnoxious, so will at least force us to get up to turn it off. More subterfuge…


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