Hazel swimming and growing up, practicing, “Mama!”

Today in her swim lesson, Hazel’s teacher told me that she’s doing really well, that she’s changed, that she’s not a little kid randomly kicking her feet in the water any more. Now she floats like a champ, puts her face all the way in the water, blows bubbles, is starting to move her arms in a motion that’s closer to a crawl stroke, etc. And she still loves it, beams and laughs and really gets into it.

Kids are amazing in the way they stretch out and get longer and taller. I look at her legs and feet and how different they seem from just a year ago.

Today was another day I got some practicing in during nap. Dare I say it, this is turning into a pattern! And then I got in another hour tonight. My goal is a minimum of twice a day, since I can’t usually get in more than an hour at a time. I’d really like to up it to three hours a day, but will likely have to settle for two most days, and then get three if I’m lucky. Gone are the days when, if I have a lot on my plate, I can practice three or four hours in the evening.

Tonight when Ted and the kids came back from coop preschool, Emily heard me when I came upstairs and said from the other room, loudly and distinctly, “Mama, Mama!” That put a big wide grin on my face.

And now I’m going to try to stick to my plan and STOP with the internet. More tomorrow.


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