A difficult day, and gratitude

What a day! Last night I woke up with a migraine. I went downstairs to get something to take for it and an ice pack for my head. When I came back upstairs I was going to put my robe on the bed, but decided to do the adult due diligence thing and hang it back up on its hook. Of course, it was pitch black and I was navigating by feel, and I came to a stop too far away from said hook. I reached. I leaned. I leaned further, reaching. As I got the robe on the hook I felt my back and sides seize up. Crap, I thought, pondering the many times that night I was likely to have to pick up a baby. I hoped it’d be back to normal this morning. Luckily, the twins didn’t wake up more than a couple of times, but in the morning my back was still one big spasm. Morning plans needed to change. And yet, as is so often the case, things still needed to get done.

So here is what I’m grateful for: I appreciate the generosity of friends and neighbors who, between them, babysat so I could get the car to the shop, drove me from the shop to the chiropractor, and picked me up from the chiropractor.

Once I was home, I still had 4.5 hours to get through with three kids and a very cranky back. I alternated heat and ice. That worked well enough that I was able to load the twins up and take everybody for the really necessary morning walk. And the sun was out.

At naptime, with the migraine starting to rebound, I overreacted and made Hazel put the book she was whispering to herself back on the shelf. She was upset about that, and when she came back she said, “I’m mad at you.” Even in the moment, I was glad that she was able to articulate that. (Tonight, before we did highs and lows, I told her that I was sorry I’d overreacted, and that I was glad that she’d been able to tell me she was mad at me.) After that, though nap went smoothly. And then, Ted came home. Yay!

I’d had a Pilates appointment scheduled for this afternoon, but because of the migraine we swapped it to a massage. By the time I left my back was much better, and my head was in a reasonable state.

And that was good, because I had three lessons to teach this evening. So I am also grateful for being able to get the care I needed today, to help me feel better and regain enough functionality to do what I needed to do. Being sick or out of commission and still having to take care of kids sometimes feels like an extreme sport. I managed, but it would have been much, much harder without community to lean on. Tomorrow I’m going to drop off flowers with the check for the babysitting time for my neighbor, who had a ton of homework but who came over to help me at 8:30 am.

And I’m glad Ted’s home! Hazel woke up from nap and went downstairs and I heard her ecstatic cry of, “Daddy!” and her rush to go get him the rainbow and monkey socks she bought him as a present. I am joyously grateful that my partner is a guy who is happy to be given rainbow socks by his daughter, who will happily put them on and wear them about. That made both of them so happy. And seeing that smile of delight on Hazel’s face warmed my heart.

After the twins woke up, Ted took the three kids on a walk to get the car (they couldn’t figure out what’s wrong, so we need to make sure that our AAA membership is re-upped, in case the car dies again and strands one or both of us with the kids somewhere) and then to the store to get groceries. I was teaching when they came back, and Hazel came downstairs to give me the big beautiful bunch of roses she got for me. What a sweetheart.

So finally, I am grateful for my family, for the love we share. I am lucky to have them all.


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