walking with kids, practicing cello, food, kids and nature

This morning after breakfast, I put Emily in the Ergo, Joanna on the stroller, and Hazel got on her bike, and we walked about 2.5 miles together. That’s more when you’re carrying 20 pounds and pushing another 20. 🙂 On the way back from picking up a charger for my phone, we went into a local bookstore and bought another Mo Willems book, this time, “The Duckling Gets A Cookie!?” I love that our neighborhood is so walkable. I could wish we had better public transportation, but at least there are sidewalks. And it feels very good to get outside.

Today, thank goodness, nap went very smoothly, and I was able to decompress for a while. That makes a huge difference in my day. And after that I had another hour and a half of babysitting during which I practiced. I am quite looking forward to putting the quartet together tomorrow with the other members of this group. Practicing is sometimes merely a vehicle for pointing out to me all the things I am doing wrong, but if I persist long enough, those things do improve. I realized today that I was actually attempting to play the last movement of the Beethoven Prestissimo, and not merely Presto. It’s still plenty hard a few notches down the metronome.

At dinner time I showed Hazel how you can score a cucumber so that the slices look like flowers with a fancy edge. I remember my mom showing me that, and being thrilled with the discovery. I loved being able to pass it down another generation. I was also thrilled to see all three girls munching on them. We ate the entire cucumber.

This evening we went for another walk. It was chilly out, and the twins were crabby during the rigmarole of dressing them for the outdoors, but it is always worth it. Seeing how being outside calms and entertains them reminds me that human beings are meant to be in the air, under the sky, and close to the trees. Getting them down for bed was also pretty smooth. Here’s hoping for another good night. Last night they slept until Emily woke at 5 am, and then they slept again until they got up at 7:30. I was grateful.


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