Time off, productive time, further house rejiggering

Wow, what a great day! Last night I had a migraine and was awake from 2 to 5 am, but this morning I got to sleep in some while Ted gave the kids breakfast and then took them off to Hazel’s soccer class. Our friend A met them there, to Hazel’s delight.

I meandered downstairs and was getting breakfast made when my friend E came over. I’d forgotten to tell him we weren’t rehearsing, since our violinist is sick, so I felt bad about that. But he came upstairs to have a second breakfast and we had a really good talk about music, life, and motivation. Sitting in my house with a friend having a long, non-interrupted conversation felt, as the Brits might say, bloody marvelous.

At the end of it Ted and the girls came back. After E left, Ted gave the kids lunch while I talked with my mom. It felt like a while since we’d been able to do that. It’s always good to check in, and my mom and I almost always manage to wind up laughing together for a good part of our phone time, so good for the spirit.

After we got the babies down for their nap, Ted took Hazel off to a birthday party.

Then followed a major first. I decided to risk it (meaning, there’s always a chance one or both twins will wake up during nap) and go downstairs to my studio to practice. I took the monitor with me, of course, but was able to almost completely ignore it while I worked on Beethoven. I’ve now got the last movement totally up to speed, and was able to improve my rhythmic accuracy and cleanliness of my articulation in the third and fourth movements as well. Very satisfying.

By the end of the hour I assumed the twins would be waking up soon, since they rarely sleep longer than an hour and a half. I came upstairs and starting catching up on emails. Then I got some writing done. Then I played some Scrabble. Then I got some more writing done, in a state of astonishment. Various times I started hearing little sounds through the monitor. But instead of going on internal high alert, I was able to let go and just appreciate the time I was having. And the twins slept and slept, for another hour and fifteen minutes. By the time our nanny and Ted and Hazel arrived, within two minutes of each other, I was feeling more relaxed than I have in a long time. I’d gotten my creative needs met and been able to decompress over a period of hours.

Then, while our nanny played with the kids in our family room in the basement, Ted and I set about doing more house rejiggering. The kids’ bedroom now has almost complete rug coverage. This is awesome, because it’s a lot easier to be quiet when leaving their room, as well as being cozier underfoot. And our pink room is also on its way to being set up. There are coats in the closet, shoes on the shoe racks, a chair to sit on, and various other bits and pieces. I even put up some art on the walls this evening. And the entry way is no longer a jungle of coats, socks, hats, shoes, detritus, bikes, balls, games, wooden blocks, and everything else.

Of course, the dining room looks like a cyclone hit it, but that is temporary. As long as we don’t injure ourselves on random Lego’s this week, we’ll be fine.

Another first: when Ted was reading, “Go, Dogs, Go!” to the twins tonight, Emily started saying, “Go, go, go!” Exciting times.


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