Treat day, lost earring, twin interactions, blue light

Today we decided, after our visit to the gym, to make it one of this month’s treat days. We went out for brunch, where we ate a lot of yummy food and spent too much money. I then spent hours feeling nauseous. Turns out I can’t eat that much sugar any more. And our pocketbook can’t take that kind of expenditure on anything a regular basis. So, for future treat days we’ll just cook things at home that we don’t often have, but into which we can put a smaller amount of sweetener than a restaurant would. And then maybe we’ll go get ice cream once in a while. Lessons learned.

On the plus side, Emily kept offering food to Joanna, which is a departure from her previous habit of only taking it away. In related news, Joanna has started to hug back when we hug her, but particularly when Emily does. Seeing them in a mutual toddler embrace is a gift I hope I will never forget.

I am totally bummed. I have lost one of my HI turtle earrings bought on my November trip. I wear those earrings and the necklace most days of the week, and am so sad to be missing one. I hope we can find it. That set has come to be identified with me. People love the bright color and diminutive size, and the babies point softly at the earrings with their little curious fingers. But I’m afraid it fell out on my way home from the Pilates studio yesterday, and if so, I’m unlikely to find it again.

This evening we all played with Lego’s in our living room. Emily has started to put them together, and giggles with satisfaction every time she does. Joanna’s favorite activity is still just taking apart whatever anyone else puts together and then gives to her. She did like peering into the tiny Lego window this evening, though.

The blue light is working. It’s not quite 10, and I’m already thinking about going to bed. This constitutes a personal miracle.


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