Cooking, eating, writing, working out, highs and lows

When you get roasted vegetables right, there is nothing better. Tonight I roasted chicken breasts with parsnips and onion. I altered the recipe by mixing the veggies with a bit of olive oil, as well as the salt and pepper. I stuck the dish in a 450 degree oven, and 40 minutes later the chicken was succulent and the veggies so perfectly carmelized that I had to stop myself from eating them all. Yum.

I also made a morning hash with a pound of ground beef, two bunches of chard, mushrooms, onion, and potatoes. Also yum. And I made an Indian beef with cauliflower and potatoes dish. We are now set for food for the next several days, what with the products of tonight’s industry and the veggies I steamed yesterday. The fridge is full. That is a good feeling.

Our basic food approach has worked with all three kids, so far, for which we are grateful. We start with veggies, move on to protein, and then do carbs and starches. One result (at least partially related, I posit, though I recognize that all of this could just be happenstance and our kids’ natural preferences), is that they like and eat veggies. This approach has helped us eat more healthily too. We used to start and end with bread, and stuff some more in the middle for good measure. Ted barely ever ate breakfast, and was satisfied with a pb&j sandwich for dinner. That’s all very well when it’s just you, but when you’re feeding kids, it doesn’t work long-term. So amongst all the other hectic aspects of our life, we’re glad that food is going well. You have to acknowledge the positives.


My writing friend K’s idea for me to write diary entries as my main character has turned out to be genius. I have written more consistently in the past couple of weeks than I have in a couple of years. I wrote a couple more during the kids’ nap today, and still had time to fart around online.


I forgot that we didn’t have childcare this evening, so we had a mad scramble to get to the studio a few blocks away where Ted is now having a weekly personal training session and I am having a series of post-car-accident mid-back-improving massages. Normally our neighbor teen will give us an hour and a half so we can do that on Fridays, but today she was busy. We realized that at 4:26, so we packed up the kids and brought them with us. That is one huge benefit of this studio: they are fine with kids being there. Their kid was there too, and they all played together while Ted got his butt kicked some more.


Our family calendar is also working pretty well. Hazel’s requests to go to the local coffee shop have considerably diminished, because she knows that we’re only going there once a week on Saturdays for a steamer for her. We’d slipped into allowing her way too much sugar (and ourselves again, too), so we’re now getting back on track. It is good.

Tonight, neither Ted nor I had any lows to report. Hazel’s low was she didn’t want to leave the exercise studio, because she was having a good time. Oh, and her other low, in direct 4-year-old contradiction of her high that she loves her new mittens because they fit so well was, “I don’t like my new mittens, because they’re too big.” I am getting better at just laughing inside, and then saying, “Oh, well, you’ll grow into them. And you can wear thinner ones inside them so that when you need to take them off to pick something up, you will still keep your hands warm.” (The new mittens will be affixed to her coat in an effort to avoid losing them…)

A good day.


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