writing, mug holders, Frozen, conversations with Hazel

This morning I met with my critique group. I have started writing diary entries as my protagonist, and that has already been fruitful. I hadn’t realized how angry she is. I think there is going to be a fairly significant difference between what she expresses to the world in general, and what she feels. I am glad to have a pathway forward that seems like something I can handle (a diary entry doesn’t have to be very long) and that also gives me good information.

This afternoon Ted and I got our mug holders up. This gradual creeping expansion of order in our house makes us happy. We made one measuring error, forgetting that the right side of the sink shelves are a mirror of the left, which means that we needed to swap the measurements. We’d gotten as far as drilling one set of shelves and re-checking all the measurements before we had our face-palm moment. Ah well. We’ll putty the holes. In the meantime, we’ve cleared out two shelves and are now using the vertical space to either side of the sink much more efficiently. And lo! we can gaze upon our handiwork and be glad. Yes, we’re kind of geeky that way.

This afternoon we went to see “Frozen”. [SPOILER ALERT: Plot details discussed here.] It’s the first movie we’ve been to since seeing “Gravity”, which was the first movie we’d seen since having the twins. So it’s been a while. I did enjoy “Frozen”, as it was nice to see a narrative that puts the love between two sisters front and center. The scenes at the beginning in which the younger daughter misses the older daughter brought me to tears. I am glad that ultimately the big gestures and some of the big action are accomplished by the sisters.

I am more than a little tired of the now stereotypical side-kick, and the shapes of faces and bodies that seem to be replicated in every Disney movie. I really don’t like the huge eyes and impossibly tiny waists of the female characters in particular. I do feel that more substantive dialogue, more emotionally impactful narrative would be nice, with a bit less of the flash-bang or yuk-yuks that are so ubiquitous.

I also found it odd that the older sister, Elsa, doesn’t actually ever tell Anna that she nearly killed her when they were kids, even once Anna knows that Elsa possesses the winter magic that she inherited. Oh, and the change to sexy-Elsa when she runs off to the mountains and releases her power after holding it in for so many years is also tired and unnecessary. She doesn’t need to acquire a dress that shows off her legs and bust in order to prove that she’s now going to do what she wants. Rebellion does not have to equal sex, but it seems like in our culture there’s no other way.

Ted and I felt reinforced in our decision not to allow Hazel to watch movies until she’s seven. This one would have scared the crap out of her, and she is just not developmentally ready for much of the content. There will be time enough when she’s older.

After the movie Ted took some downtime. When I got home Hazel erupted into attention-seeking crazies, and I decided we all could use a walk outside. We bundled up and out we went. It was a good walk. It’s pretty cold here (though not anything like it is in other parts of the country), and it was good to breathe fresh, cold air, to see the stars, and to talk about them. Hazel asked if the stars are in space, and an interesting conversation followed. I am not sure how much she really understands, but it’s fun to introduce the topic.

When we got back I discovered that Joanna had a spectacular diaper blow-out, so a bath seemed in order. Managing three kids in a tub, though, takes a certain amount of juggling. I was pretty wet by the time we were done, and it was quite late when we made it upstairs. Bedtime went pretty smoothly, though, and would have continued so if I hadn’t woken Emily up searching for my phone, that I’d left in the bedroom (I thought – actually, it was in the bathroom.) By that time, though, Ted was home, so he went in to comfort her. We’re a tag-team.

And now, to sleep!


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