New Year’s Day, 2014

Last night Joanna was teething (as far as we could tell) and cried piteously over and over and over again. She finally went to sleep for good around 2:30 am, which is about half an hour before I finally got to sleep, too. Ironically, Ted and I had chuckled to each other about going to bed super early at 10:20 or so, rather than waiting up for midnight. We had anticipated a good long night’s sleep.

Then Joanna started crying. And, feeling somewhat stressed out after multiple attempts to calm her, I decided to read the book I just bought, “Wings”, by Aprilynne Pike. It’s paranormal YA, so relevant to what I’m working on myself. I should NEVER read in bed. I have learned that lesson before. I can’t put books down. I didn’t, until just after Joanna had stopped crying and Ted said, rather mildly, “I thought you were just going to read the very first bit.”

We thanked our lucky stars therefore, when the twins slept until 9 am this morning. We lazed around, had breakfast, went for a walk. Hazel brought her new doll stroller that we got her, with one of her stuffed bears tucked into it. She’s been asking for a doll stroller for a long time. I am therefore amused that she calls it her “little cart.” Emily walked and walked. She fell and smacked her lip and cried for a while, but she got back down and walked some more. She’s a trooper.

During the kids’ nap, Ted and I took everything off the Christmas tree and took it down. It’s been lovely, but it’s also a relief to start getting our house back into some semblance of regular order (whatever that means). After nap, we went off to Storables. It is a heavy irony that I often live in a rather messy house, but still have a possibly unholy love for organizing things. We bought a cart with a butcher block top. This will solve a multiplicity of problems in our kitchen, which has lovely high ceilings but not quite enough floor space and definitely not enough counter top space. This is partly due to a dearth of counters, and partly because we constantly allow our counter top to become covered by all sorts of detritus. Our new cart will give us a second chopping spot, and also needed storage space. And it’s on wheels. The twins were just beginning to discover the delights a wheeled cart when we cruelly scooped them up to go upstairs for bedtime. The nirvana of a clean and organized kitchen is now dancing before my inner eye. I have restrained myself from maniacal giggling, however, as I don’t wish to scare my offspring.

This evening Joanna started her piteous crying again, so Ted took the other two off to the grocery store while I stayed home with Joanna to calm her down. I almost never get to spend one-on-one time with either twin. It was lovely. Snuggling one baby in your lap is logistically simpler than two plus a 4.75-year-old, that’s for sure. She calmed down pretty soon and we read a book about baby chimpanzees about a thousand times, and then played with her bottle. I hid it and she got it back, giggling madly.

Hazel had a hard time at various points today, but we did some good communication as a family, I think. Emily’s having to begin to learn to share, and is having a hard time with that, too. Everybody’s always learning. Sometimes it’s exhausting, sometimes it’s exhilarating, but it’s almost always necessary. Today it was often exhausting, but we managed.

All in all, a good day.


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