Organized basement!, friends, Pilates, piano practice

Today Ted and I just about finished up getting the storage space done in the basement. We also cleared out the family room, in time for guests to come over, wahoo! We were going to put one of the old workbenches back into the new workshop area, but they are covered with lead paint, and so we decided that we’ll just wait and get a new workbench when we’ve gone through another round of stuff and made some more room. We were a bit bummed about that, but nonetheless, we have accomplished a ton, and are very proud of ourselves. If, a year ago, you’d said that we’d have the whole basement cleaned out, the storage space reduced to a sixth of the basement area, a good-sized family room and a huge studio, we would have laughed and stared, then gone to hide our heads under the covers. So, though there is a lot of work left to get the whole thing to where we want it, we’re now to a stage where what we have is organized, and we can proceed methodically rather than in a series of chaos-induced frenzied actions. This is good.

We had friends over this afternoon, and talked about houses, cats, kids, and other things. It was great to see them. Hazel spent quite a bit of time with V when they were younger, and I loved hearing them giggle and run around together. When dumping stuffed animals in the middle of the floor provides you with buckets of fun, you know life is good. Or at least, simpler.

When we were downstairs, Ted got out a small section of track and set it up with a transformer and engine. Unfortunately, after not having been used in decades, the engine sparked and then died, and we’ll have to get it fixed. But, it was so fun to make that start, and after cleaning and looking after the rest of the train set, we look forward to more fun with it later.

This morning I had a Pilates session. It went well. I was able to do more than I could a couple of weeks ago. I could still feel it in my back, but I wasn’t feeling immobilized in the way I was before. This is progress!

And tonight after our walk/wagon ride, Hazel and I went downstairs to practice piano. I started out asking her if she could show me C, D and E on the keyboard. This is something she learned almost two weeks ago and hasn’t practiced in a while. She remembered! And then she was willing to work pretty hard. She learned her new song, plus made improvements on her old one. Then wanted to play several other songs for me. In fact, I eventually had to call a halt so we could go upstairs and do our bedtime routine. Seeing her small, strong hands moving with increasing facility across the piano give me such a feeling of delight and wonder.

Another good day.


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