Christmas Day

We had a wonderful day. Ted got up with the babies first, and then Hazel and I came down about half an hour later. Due to our late night, Ted and I were dragging a bit, but we had a nice breakfast of eggs with mushrooms, beef sliders, lox (salmon, which Emily devoured), and tea for the adults.

Then it was time for presents. We’d planned to take turns and be civilized, but that degenerated fairly quickly, though didn’t get into the free-for-all that I’m sure will take place in later years when the twins are older and diving for their gifts too.

My friend J sent a plush stuffed doggie for Hazel that was an immediate and sustained hit. Emily’s eyes locked on and her arms reached out as soon as the present was unwrapped, and she held it as much as she was able to for the rest of the day. I was astounded by Hazel’s patience and generosity. She let Emily keep the dog much more often than she got it herself. Joanna loved it too, but has a pattern of allowing Emily to take things from her, so she didn’t get to hold it very much. We will see what happens over the course of the next week or two. If it becomes a loved object that all three always want, we may break down and buy another one or two.

The kids’ uncle C bought them a Radio Flyer wagon. That was another huge hit. We took the kids out in it several times today, and Hazel also pulled her sisters in it until she got tired. What a great gift. Thanks, Uncle C!!

There were so many other wonderful presents, including an owl backpack for Hazel from her Aunt A, books, other stuffies, and a great game from my brother.

Possibly due to over-stimulation, Emily woke up after only a half hour nap, and bawled herself silly, absolutely refusing to sleep any more. Ted and I had planned to sleep during the kids’ nap, so we were bummed about the nap-failure. He took her downstairs, and after about half an hour I came down and took her for a walk in the Ergo so he could relax for a bit. Not ideal, but I did enjoy the Mommy-Emily time.

After dinner we took the kids for a night-time wagon ride. We wrapped each of them up a blanket and did one go-round of the block with an additional stop in front of the neighbor’s bright holiday lights for a picture. I’m really glad I got my new Samsung, because the camera on it is so great, can handle pretty low-light conditions. On an earlier stroll, Joanna fell asleep on Hazel; tonight, all tucked in as snug as a bug in a rug, they looked around with interest, and did some pointing and ooh-ing.

Later on, when we were having supper/evening top-up, we got the tall skinny shot glasses our friends had given us for the twins (they’re easy to hold, heavy glass, and a good way to train toddlers how to handle drinking from a regular cup) and put a little bit of spiced cider mixed with water in them. They went to town. Emily got the hang of it immediately, and after Joanna figured out not to bite the glass or try to engulf the contents all at once with an open mouth, she did well too. Until the end, that is, when she neatly upended her glass into my cleavage, causing cider to run down my tummy almost all the way to my waistband.

I believe I uttered some undignified word like, “Eek!” After getting her settled with Ted I went to take a shower. Apple juice is sticky!

Tonight the kids were wound up, and we were shaking in our parental boots that they would never go to sleep. But they did! Fairly readily! So here’s hoping we’ll have a good night tonight. We’ve done the dishes, and now that I’ve written the blog post, we can go hit the sack.

And we still have four family days together to look forward to. I am loving this vacation!


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