Christmas prep

Ok, so instead of obsessing over getting that last piece of Marmoleum down last night, we should have gotten all the presents ready to come upstairs and left a basement project to complete later. The consequence: last night we were up super late getting that last bit of flooring down, and tonight we’re up super late getting presents out of boxes and ready for tomorrow. That’s because I had my Christmas Eve gig tonight, and didn’t get home until 11:30 or so.


But now we have a respectable pile on and under our little kids’ table in the living room, and Hazel will be over the moon in the morning.

As we were getting things out of boxes tonight, though, I realized that we had totally forgotten to get presents for anyone in our family, beyond the ornaments I bought for the kids when I was in HI.

Serious oops. I can only say that we have been BUSY!

We hunted through some boxes in the basement and found good gifts, little special boxes for Hazel, a book, a cool magnifying paper weight for the twins (they both love to hold the prismatic crystal we have in the window), clothes for the twins. So, we’re prepared. And next year, just possibly, we’ll be more on the ball, and sooner.

heh. Parenting fail and win, all wrapped up together. That’s us.

Merry Christmas, everyone who celebrates.


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