house projects, working together, car insurance, pumpkin custard

Today Ted and I kicked butt. We got all but the last small section of Marmoleum down on the floor (and we’re going to finish that last section tonight.) We sorted the contents of what we have on the shelves so that now we can find things we need, and also go through what remains to be sorted more efficiently. We also achieved something that is rare in our home project adventures, which is that the Marmoleum sections lined up beautifully, virtually perfectly. We got all the cut-outs right. The yellow and blue are, as Hazel would say, gorgeous next to each other. And the shelves slide much more easily on their felt pads.

Even more importantly, Ted and I worked really well together today as a team. As we were working, I thought about the previous owners of this house, and how many hours the husband in that family spent down in the workshop by himself. They had an intercom set up so that his wife could communicate with him if need be. They also had the original receipts and manuals for the stove and laundry machines, each with pictures of a smiling and perfectly coiffed Mother with a miniature Daughter/Mother at her knee. I relish the hours Ted and I spend working together, figuring out how to get something done, and then supporting each other in its execution. That is not to say that I don’t understand the need for alone time and time apart relaxing or being productive. I do. I share that need. But I’m glad that the kitchen is not my preserve alone, and that the basement workshop is not Ted’s (and I cannot adequately express the extent to which I hate this term) so-called “man-cave”. Our girls are growing up seeing us both contribute to the running of the house, and I am glad.

I also got a couple of calls from our insurance company. They have completed their process, and are going to pay for our car to be repaired, and for us to get whatever treatment we need. Given how uncomfortable my back has been, I am glad. My healthcare providers can charge our PIP (Personal Injury Protection) plan and get reimbursed, and help me get back to where I was before. Oh, and our insurance will also pay for a rental car during the time our car is in the shop (hopefully not long!)

I also made some more pumpkin custard, this time with only an eighth cup (2 tablespoons) of the coconut nectar. They have a hint of sweetness, but not too much. I am super pleased. I think we’re closing in on a treat we can have whenever we want and that won’t make my tummy upset or cause sugar cravings.

When we did our highs and lows tonight, it was mostly the former. Another really good day.


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