chamber music, food

Today was full of music, in the form of a morning trio rehearsal followed by a chamber music party at which I played the same Beethoven trio, as well as a Brahms sextet, a Mendelssohn string quintet, a Mozart trio, and a set of Gliere violin/cello duos.

Today was also a serious food fail day. I have decided that after Christmas I need to recommit to the whole no gluten and sugar thing (which is the most important purpose of Paleo, for me). When I eat those things I get spacey, an unhappy tummy, and often a headache. So, having been slipping lately, I want to draw a line and get back on track. It’s also true that when I start losing weight I tend to sabotage myself: my inner unhelpful self-indulgent child says, “Well, you’ve lost 14 pounds. Now you can eat whatever you want!” Because that part of me still makes it all about weight-loss, instead of health. I need to practice forgiving myself and moving on.

This evening Ted and I made some more progress downstairs in the storage area. I am going to be interested to see, after we’ve wrangled it all into categories, actually how much stuff we have, and how much room it will take up. In the meantime, we’ve already found ourselves saying to each other, “Oh, I don’t really need that.”

After that Hazel and I had some Hazel-Mommy time. We got dressed up together. She loves doing that. Then I read her three books, and then it was bedtime, which didn’t go so smoothly. Better luck next time.

Then Ted and I came downstairs to cook: chicken and broccoli with a coconut milk sauce; ground beef hash with various veggies; jicama, pea, and mango salad. Tomorrow: curried shrimp and spinach, and gingered roasted beets. Yum. Neither of us is feeling stellar, so we’re hoping for a good night. But we’re happy to have food to put in the fridge, as it’s been rather bare the last few days.


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