friends’ twin pregnancy, long work day, time with Hazel, rehearsal, staycation

Today was a long day! I dropped the carrycots from our stroller off for a friend who’s having twins soon. I got them out of the car so they could wake up and play between Morning Nap 1 (the trip down) and Morning Nap 2 (the trip back). It was good to see my friend. It’s funny how I was that pregnant only less than two years ago, and already it seems so distant. I now understand how someone could have guessed when I was 6.5 months along, that I was carrying twins. It does look different.

After that, I went to pick up Hazel from school, and then take her out for a quick lunch before heading off to work. Due to a rehearsal tonight, I compressed my teaching schedule, which became 2 – 7 pm with no break, followed by a dash home, and inhalation of dinner, and then rehearsal from 8 to 9:30. That was challenging for the kids. It’s hard when they see you briefly and then you’re gone. Hazel in particular was sad. She asked many times if she could come to the gig. “But Mama, I want to see you play.” Awww. I am glad that she does. She’s still young yet, but the time is coming. I asked her if she was missing me, and she teared up and said she was. So I sat with her in my lap as I ate, and gave her as much love and reassurance as I could just through physical contact. I am trying to remember to come from a place of love as much as I can these days. It’s easy to get impatient, and I think I’ve spent too much time there. Just looking at Hazel, looking into her eyes, really seeing her face, hearing her voice, and paying attention to the messages that sometimes underlie what she says helps me remember what really counts. And then we have better interactions.

The rehearsal was fine. We (the quartet) traded some smiles and silliness, playing with great verve in places and enjoying each other. This year the service (a midnight mass) will be an hour earlier, which I appreciate. I am also not sick this year, for which I am also grateful. And the music director always brings chocolates, which I will appreciate from a distance this year, contemplating the treats we’ll have on Christmas Day. I think I’ll make some proper English custard, that we can pour warm over fruit. Yum.

Tomorrow starts eleven days off in a row! I am so excited for downtime, for writing time, for playing cello time, for family time, for alone time, for partner time. We haven’t even thought about food or anything else for Christmas, and I am happy that we’ll have a low-key vacation. It’s been a while since we’ve had one of those. Let’s hear it for staycations!


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