health care, coop preschool

Today I had a chiropractic appointment. My middle back has been tight and uncomfortable since a few days after we got rear-ended. On the one hand, it makes me realize how much better it’s felt for a long time now, and I am glad about that. On the other hand, it’s a pain to deal with it again. And since the weekend my neck and shoulders have been so tight I can’t move my head properly. And that’s migraine-inducing, as it has been this week. Again, I am so happy that I no longer have chronic discomfort in those areas. So today I went to get it addressed, and am feeling somewhat improved. I’m grateful to have the health resources I do.

This evening I had a few lessons to teach, and Ted and the girls had the last session of the coop preschool to attend. Tonight was a potluck. We told Hazel that she could pick one treat from everything available. And she did an incredible job: she waited until everyone was there so she could examine her options, and then chose a Fudgesicle. She knows that she’s getting the next official treat on Christmas, and so has been saving a cookie from her aunt, a candy cane from a local restaurant, and now has added a brownie from coop to her collection. She’s counting the days on our new family calendar. She likes to do that, and to tell me how many days are left. It has lightened the mood considerably.


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