18-month well child appointments, crawling, tree decoration

Today was the twins’ 18 month well child visit. They now weigh just shy of 40 pounds between them: Joanna is 20.5, and Emily is 19. So the fact that Ted continues to be able to get up from the floor while holding them upright is impressive. He’s pretty graceful at it, too.

Possibly because they are twins, they are behind most other babies born at 37 weeks. But they continue to develop, to grow, to learn. The one thing that Ted and I have been concerned about is that Joanna has never wanted to crawl. Instead, she scoots around on her butt and pulls with her hands. Lately, she has been taking steps. The doc said that if we wanted to we could make an appointment with a children’s PT person and get some advice on things we could do with her to help her get some practice with the motions involved in crawling. We think we might do that, because it seems reasonable. As with everything having to do with babies and children, there are very differing opinions, as well as conflicting and absent research on this topic. Our main goal as parents is to do what we think is reasonable, to accept that we’ll miss some things and overdo it on others, but that we’ll attempt to catch the most important ones.

One of the best things their doctor said today was to not stress about it, to avoid making it into a project at which we feel we must succeed, but to aim for making it fun for everyone. And we need to remember, too, that kids can learn to crawl at any age and get the benefits from it. So, as I like to say, one step at a time. Though of course, in this instance it’s more like one knee at a time.

That feels better. It was crushing us not to give her our enthusiasm as she was so clearly happy to be taking steps. She has been getting to these milestones after Emily, and we feel that she’s getting a bit gypped in the enthusiasm department already. So we’re going to let ourselves be happy with her when she walks, but also get some help in how to playfully encourage her to crawl and climb, and do other things that encourage the motions that will help her in her development.


This evening we spent some enjoyable time putting ornaments on the tree while our next-door-neighbor-teenage-babysitter distracted the babies. I pulled a chair over for Hazel to stand on so she could reach the higher branches. We all enjoyed the lights reflecting in the glass balls. And the babies were entranced. There were lots of oohs and pointing and giggling.

Then I went off to my writing group, where I got some work done before we wound up in a conversation about race, politics, economic disparity, and other light topics. My migraine came back, so soon I shall go to bed and hope that tomorrow I’ll feel better.

We’ll add more ornaments to the tree tomorrow.

Oh, and one more fun thing from the day: my nanny showed me a few videos of the babies, including one of Emily dancing with a big old grin on her face. It doesn’t get much better than that!


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