Thanksgiving, holidays, Hanukkah

Our house is going to be a mess tomorrow when my sister and niece arrive. I am not going to stay up late tonight cleaning. I am going to practice letting go of worrying about the state of the house. There will be food – the turkey is brining, and will be roasted tomorrow. There will be stir-fried chicken with broccoli and mushrooms. There will be roasted beets, roasted cauliflower, roasted parsnips, and roasted carrots. There will be apple cider, pumpkin custard, and ice cream. There will be food!

There will also be hanging out, talking, watching the kids play, and otherwise sharing time together.

Meanwhile, today we put the carpet into our new family room downstairs. At some point we’ll set up the full bed that’s going to be our daybed downstairs from which we can watch the occasional movie. We’re also, irony of ironies, going to move the heavy work benches back into our basement, and in fact put them right back where they were before we took them out. Shhhh, don’t tell our friends A and S. First, though, we’ll have to put some air in the tires on the upright dolly, as otherwise they’ll whimper and flatten if they get anywhere near those pieces of old hardwood.

I put up some holiday lights tonight, outlining the front porch. If no one looks at the contents of the front porch (a whole lot of stuff that needs to be trashed, recycled, or given to Goodwill), we actually look like we’re ahead of where we were last year. And of course, we are.

Tomorrow is also the second night of Hanukkah. I am looking forward to lighting candles with Ted and the girls, as well as my sister and niece. I have always loved watching the candles burn down. Sitting in the dark and watching those little flames tends to lead to a peaceful sort of contemplation, and I like to share that with family.


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