Aquarium, painting

J and I took the kids to the Aquarium today. We spent a long time in the tropical fish section. The twins were entranced. Joanna did her happy dance while standing (supported by me) on the ledge in front of one big tank. Emily roamed all over. She loves walking so much, I think I need to spend more time taking her to the park and on walks. Hazel was thrilled that we had lunch there, and that she got an unusual treat, a bag of animal cookies.

This evening Ted and I painted the two drywall walls in the studio in a subtle shade of blue we affectionately call “Lead-based Blue No. 1”, as it is a Low VOC paint we color-matched to the original paint in what is now the yellow room (downstairs playroom). We are going to paint the upper sections of the other walls green, the remainder of the paint we used to paint the trim in the bathroom. And the “silverberry” light purple of which we have two cans we’ll use to repaint the bedroom, which is a hideous shade of green. We have a bunch of other cans of paint which are nearly empty, so we’ll get rid of those. Next year, of course, we’ll have all drywall walls, and will probably repaint the whole room a very subtle light yellow (we have friends whose living room is that color, and we love it). For now, we’re happy to have used up some of our old paint, and to have added color to a room that was a bit too much like the décor you’d expect in a penitentiary. It was too stark. It already looks better.


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