beach day, clothing adventures

This morning started with the presentation of information at the car rental place that was in contravention of what we’d been told the day before, and which resulted in my friends A and D renting a hard-top Mustang with which to drive up Haleakala for their hike. This is amusing on multiple levels, though it was irritating at the time, due to the unexpected expense. Nonetheless, the Mustang got them to a place from which they could do a hike, so it did its job. And it provided an opportunity for giggles, also a good job.

While the other two were off hiking, my friend J and I went to the beach. We had the whole day to spend, a long lazy expanse of hours. That is such a wonderful luxury. There was time for conversation, walking, having lunch, snorkeling, swimming, and a spot of shopping (I bought a t-shirt and a couple stickers for Hazel). We ended the day back in the sea letting the waves gently lift us while we watched the sun set. It would be hard for me to overstate the exquisiteness of that half hour. It is the stuff of my dreams, and I am so glad to have had this week in which I could linger in a warm ocean, watching day turn to night.

When we got back the others were there, and we all went down for a drink and more conversation. Before that, though, we showered and changed, and I decided to wear the dress I’d bought for myself. I got it with the intention of using it for my dress-up sessions with Hazel. I got her one too, figuring we could have Hawaii Day once in a while. I almost never wear dresses, and it feels a bit like I’m in drag when I do, even a bit risky. In them, I am definitely out of my clothing safe zone. Playing cello, slacks are easier. And dresses just aren’t part of my usual style. One thing about having kids I am discovering is that it’s going to be increasingly important for me to be willing to allow them to push me out of my patterns/ruts/habits at least some of the time. So tonight I thought I’d practice wearing a dress while out with my friends. I did survive.

I have been hobbling around today with very very stiff calves and a wonky knee. I have decided that when I get home I am going to make a bunch of signs that say, “Do Your PT Exercises!” and put them in all the rooms of my house so that I am reminded to include that activity in the day’s schedule.

And now I am feeling very sleepy. This is a gift, and I am going to obey my body’s promptings, and go to sleep.


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