Snorkeling, missing family, vacation logistics

This morning we did a kayak snorkel trip. Snorkeling seems a bit like being allowed into the zoo enclosures with the animals, except, of course, that the fish and turtles are free to leave the area. But it’s the up-close-and-personal aspect which is so mind-blowing. When we first jumped off our kayaks, we landed in the middle of a school of gray-ish blue fish with funny protuberances above their mouths and curious faces. My inner child squeaked with delight, and I might have said “Yay!” a few times.

I had a pair of flippers that didn’t work so well for me, so I stayed pretty close to the boat. But there are wonderful things to be seen all around the reef. A couple of Eagle rays swam by, and of course there were many fish and several turtles. It is something else to watch giant turtles nearby, or hanging out on the floor of the ocean. They are magnificent. I got surrounded by another school with a couple of anomalously yellow fish. They were close enough that I could have reached out and touched them. Being stared at by a number of fishy orbits is amazing partly because I just don’t see live fish that often, and when I do I am not a part of their environment and therefore not an object of curiosity.

I cannot wait to take Hazel snorkeling. Swim, Hazel, swim!

After our expedition we had lunch at a Hawaiian food joint, and then spent a while wandering up and down a beach peering into tide pools, getting feet and legs wet, and enjoying soft sand under our toes.

When we got back to the condo, three of us went down to have a drink and then a swim in the pool and a dip in the hot tub. Then we ate some of the shepherd’s pie and then we had the planning session we’ve known we’ve needed ever since we got here, given that some of us want to spend our time on the beach and some of us want to spend our time on the mountains. We’ve now got a good vacation schedule, which is not as bad as it sounds. It will likely involve me sitting and reading “Positive Discipline” under trees in a beautiful spot somewhere, after I decide I’ve done enough elevation gain for the day. Sounds good to me.

It will of course involve a lot of great beach time, and, for three of us, a spa day.

Before I left I promised my physical therapist that I was going to be doing my exercises every day on vacation. He laughed at me, appropriately. Nonetheless, having mentioned that to my friends, two of them just did theirs, so I think I shall go do mine. And then pump, which I’ve only done once. I really would prefer not to run out of milk while on holiday, so I need to do my bit to try to prevent that from happening.

I talked to Ted this evening, and it sounds like everyone is doing well. I do miss my family, and when I’m out and about and see a someone with a baby I have to restrain myself from asking if I can hug the baby. Today I bought Hazel a dress that I’ll bring back to her as a present from Hawaii, and I’ll find things for the twins, too. And I will be very glad to see them when I get back home. It is somewhat miraculous, nonetheless, to be able to come and go with such ease, no diaper bags, no strollers, no whining (at least none that I can hear).

And sun and water and warmth, and interesting clouds and blue sky, and friends, and sleeping by myself. Ahhhhhhhh


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