Halloween, sugar, community

Today being Halloween, I rearranged my teaching schedule so I could be home by 6:30 for Trick-or-Treating with my family. I think in future years I may just take the day off to make it easier. We have a family-dense neighborhood, though, and it was fine to go a bit later. There was certainly still plenty of candy to be had! Hazel had been looking forward to this for days, of course. I love that some adults in our neighborhood get dressed up too, and there are very inventive displays, costumes, and general celebration. Having turned into a curmudgeonly person, I don’t love that kids hardly even say hello, let alone “Trick-or-treat” or anything else. I think that the holiday should be about more than just grabbing loot with no interaction, no eye contact, and no conversation at all.

Nonetheless, seeing everyone out and about makes the idea of community come alive, and puts a smile on my face. I wish we all came out of our houses more often. I do love this holiday, and our summer block party for that reason.

As for the candy, we offered Hazel a deal: she could choose 4 pieces of candy (one per year of her age), or a whole dessert from a local joint we love (and used to patronize, sigh). She wavered, but chose the candy. She gets to eat it all tomorrow. Ted will take the rest of it to work with him tomorrow, and other people can poison their immune systems with it. (Ted likes to call it writing hate letters to your pancreas.) Yeah, we’re killjoys, we are. We have the zeal of the recently converted (to Paleo).

So here is my official apology to whining so vociferously, year after year, to my parents that they wouldn’t let us keep all our candy. Now I understand. You were right. I’m doing the same thing with my kids you did with us, so now it’s my turn to be the mean mommy.

That said, Hazel accepted the deal pretty graciously. After we got home we spread it all out on the kitchen table, and talked about what was what and what she wanted to keep. There was a certain amount of deliberation, and she wound up with a packet of M&M’s, a grape lollipop, a packet of Swedish Fish, and a strawberry Laffy Taffy. I am a bit in dread of tomorrow, post-candy consumption. I think I will take her to the zoo and let her run around for a couple of hours afterwards.

Ted and I broke our Paleo rules and split (in thirds with Hazel) a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Then I wanted to eat everything else, but I resisted and had some pear instead.

The kids were all dressed up: Joanna was a peapod, Emily a tiger, and Hazel a monkey. So fun.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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