Gravity, partner time, cooking, piano lesson

Ted and I went to a movie this evening, for the first time in at least a year. Ted and I started counting as we watched the previews. Six of the seven were male-focused hero journeys. We are both so tired of that story, which has been told a billionty times. Female characters are in short supply, and always supporting roles and/or sexy decoration. Man does, woman watches. I want my daughters to be able to see themselves in the hero, see themselves as the drivers of their own stories and movers in the world. That is not supported by watching a bunch of women sigh and flirt as the men do all the interesting things.

The movie we saw was a 3D IMAX showing of “Gravity”. I am still processing it, but will say that it was quite a show! And great to see a female lead in an action-packed film. It didn’t reach me on an emotional level as much as I thought it might, and I have some theories about that.

Nonetheless, I’m glad we went, and glad we saw the 3D version. And it was great to have some time together, which has been in short supply lately. That is to say, we’ve spent a reasonable amount of time together over the past six months, but almost all of that has been spent in house projects. This evening we were able to fit in dinner, conversation, and a movie.

Then we came home and started cooking. A pot roast is in the slow cooker, greens are steamed, parsnips and carrots are roasted and pureed, beets are roasted, cauliflower is roasted, and delicata squash is also roasted. Tomorrow, sweet potato soup, Paleo shepherd’s pie, and a cauliflower/Brussel sprout stir-fry.

Thankfully, our CSA was able to switch our delivery to Thursdays starting next week, and then we won’t have to cram cooking into nights when we don’t have the time. That will be a big stress reliever.

Hazel had her second piano lesson with her new teacher today, and it was a big success. It is so fun for me to see her playing piano, to see her hands on the keys. If she keeps at it, soon she will be better at piano than I am. I am really looking forward to hearing her play duets with my mom when we go visit next. That’ll be a Kodak moment for sure. Or a million of them.


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