We are without our usual Sunday nanny hours for three weeks as our nanny is out of town. Given the disastrous conditions of the house, however, we have to get some house-related chores done anyway. So, after soccer and nap we started tackling the truly gargantuan pile of laundry that’s built up. Laundry, when it is ticking along and running smoothly, getting done, folded, and put away, can be a source of actual pleasure (I know, I know.) It’s really nice to be able to open a drawer, locate the clothing you want, close the drawer, and be on your merry way. A lot of the time in our house, though, when we’ve gotten behind, getting dressed involves diving into piles of clothes that are not sorted, let alone folded. It’s possible to waste a lot of time hunting for a pair of underwear, a couple of socks, and a shirt that’s even somewhat weather appropriate. It’s also possible to go from running just slightly behind schedule to embarrassingly late because you can’t find clothes for yourself or various offspring.

We have tried to lower our standards in order to lower our stress level. For example, we do not match our kids’ socks. We are just happy when they’re wearing one on each foot. I remember feeling horrified that my mom thought I could wear a pair of jeans multiple days when I was a kid. Now, I find it a shocking waste of resources to do so. Ah, how one’s perspective changes.

Nonetheless, it is not stress-reducing to be cursing one’s stupidity for not keeping up on the laundry while hopping around half-dried and freezing after a shower, attempting to ignore howls of protest at one’s absence from the immediate presence of the babies, and reminding one’s pre-schooler that it’s not ok to wear sandals when it’s cold and wet outside. So today we sorted, folded, and put laundry away. We still have a lot to do, but you can see the wall now. Yippee.


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