adult time, coconut adventures, household work

Today my friend A came over. We spent a while talking while I fed the babies and we played with them, and then my nanny arrived and we were able to spend an hour and a half together just the two of us. It has literally been months since we’ve had that opportunity, and it was gloriously wonderful to have adult conversation without the presence of children for whose welfare I am responsible. I could focus, we could talk, I could relax into an adult space.

Also today, I spent quite a while trying to make coconut butter per instructions found on the web. It was a miserable, irritating failure. The Vitamix kept overheating and stopping, and the food processor just made grainy hot coconut soup. Then I tried it with much smaller coconut shavings rather than the larger coconut flakes I’d been using. That worked a lot better, but I’ll have to try it again to see if I can improve on it. That way is a lot cheaper than buying a jar of coconut butter from Artisana, as wonderful as that food-stuff is!

Lessons were great today, lots of good work accomplished. That always feels good.

And tonight Ted and I moved two bookshelves and a desk upstairs. chug, chug, chug, one step at a time.


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