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This morning Ted got the scrap metal out of the yard and to the dump. This is a big step forward. There wasn’t that much of it, but it had been out there long enough (since we first started working on the basement) that green things were growing over it. And it didn’t do much for the aesthetic appeal of our already challenged back yard. Possibly more importantly, its presence was one of the deterrents to actually using the yard. I am looking forward to the day that the space back there is baby-safe, reasonably well-kept, and reasonably appealing. That project, however, is yet to reach the actionable area of our list.

I did some practicing, ran out to buy some birthday gifts, and then our babysitter and I jumped in her car with Hazel, my cello, a pick-up I’d borrowed from a friend (who was also playing this gig), and the presents. She dropped me off (in an impressively pouring rain.) I have not yet adapted to the concept of fall. I did not leave the house with a jacket (at least Hazel had one). Now that it’s raining again I really have to accept that fact and wear appropriate clothing. “Oh, all right,” sighs my inner teenager.

The gig was interesting for a number of reasons. We were in a lobby. People did not stop talking, so the ambient noise level was quite high. The piece we were playing has a number of very quiet, delicate places, and they weren’t really audible. Also, we went at a fairly rip-roaring tempo today, so there were some on-the-spot bow changes to accommodate it. But that’s the beauty of live music; it’s not predictable.

While I was performing, Ted got the babies down for their nap. It went perfectly! They didn’t even peep, but just went to sleep directly as soon as he’d put them down. I was a bit nervous about leaving him to do nap by himself, as we just started nap training. I was very relieved and happy that it went so well, and so was he. It makes us both feel better about the week I’ll be gone and he’ll be getting the kids down by himself.

After nap Ted came to pick me up, and we drove down to my sister’s place for the party. I said to Ted that we have to remember to consciously feel grateful and happy about how well sleep training has gone. It’s easy to feel all the negative or challenging stuff that happens in life, but we have to remember to give the positive stuff recognition, or we risk losing perspective and getting out of balance. So, we have to celebrate the huge strides we’ve made with the babies’ sleep.

It was nice to see various of my sister’s friends I’ve met before, and to see my niece. She and a bunch of other kids there did a little jam session/concert for us. There was also hide-and-seek as well as general running around. Ted and I both have a very low tolerance for high volume, so after a while we went downstairs to feed the babies and have a few minutes of relative quiet. We’re both feeling some trepidation about what’s going to happen to the volume level in this house after the twins can also talk. It’s going to increase, of course. So we’ll have to find ways of taking care of ourselves, and getting some quiet time so we can handle the chaos that will occur.

It’s fun to see people interacting with the babies. Emily is so enthusiastic about walking and carrying things (at the same time!) she loves to grab whatever’s handy and walk around waving it in the air. Twins just always elicit a positive response. People like to see them, watch them together, see how different they are. And I appreciate the recognition we get of how much work we have on our hands. It feels good to hear that, since it’s true! And it has always been said to us with kindness. That’s sometimes a spot of balm when we’re in the midst of feeling overwhelmed.

Emily found a lei and put it on. Then she experimented; it was around her neck as usual, and then it was behind her neck and around her shoulders. Then it was around her waist, and then on the floor, where she was thrilled to re-discover it and put it back on again. Joanna cooed and giggled, played with the various toys, and was generally charming.

Another positive is that we managed to stick to our Whole30 program, despite all the cookies, bread, cake, and other things there that we both wanted to shove whole down our throats.

And tonight I cooked up some meatloaf with a tomato/balsamic glaze, salmon with an avocado/lemon zest/basil topping, and roasted cauliflower. Tomorrow we’ll make a breakfast mash we can have during the week, and steam all the veggies. It will be good to have lots of food in the house again. We all like having choices.


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