PT, biking, swim lessons, migraine, cooking

Today I had a PT session specifically to look at my bike to make sure it was set up correctly for me, and to look at my pedaling. It took me about 10 minutes or so to ride over, and about 15 to ride back. I was happy that I got further up the long hill before having to get off and walk than I did the last time I cycled that route. My physical therapist raised the seat by a fair amount, and taught me how to have a more even pedal action, by focusing on following through on the up-stroke by using hamstrings and glutes instead of forcing my quads to do all the work. He also told me I should be aiming for 80 – 90 (or maybe 85 – 95? I’ve already forgotten) beats (pedals) per minute. I tried that on their stationary bike, and got up to 74. That’s going to be a challenge; I am not in great shape, and I was gasping on the way home. But I did it, and am happy that I did. By the time I got home my face was red and I was sweating, which led to giggles on the part of me, my nanny, and Hazel.

Then Hazel and I jumped into the car and went to her second swim lesson. On the way over I asked her if she remembered what I’d asked her to do this time, and she did: “Don’t interrupt the teacher, and wait for my turn, and don’t whine.” During the class she started whining once, looked at me, I waggled my finger in the humorous reminder we have in our family, and we grinned at each other. She immediately stopped whining. And today, though she continued to refuse to put her face under the water, she did eventually try a couple of the things the teacher was asking for, and, most importantly, had a fun time with everything.

I read a wonderful article today, entitled, “6 Words You Should Say Today,” which both moved me and also resonated deeply. So, before we went in I told Hazel, “I’m glad you’re taking swim lessons. I love to watch you swim.” And after the session, when we were getting in the car, I told her, “I really loved watching you swim.” I think it was helpful to both of us: it centered me in what is important, and it helped Hazel relax, knowing that I didn’t have an agenda for her to perform any particular swimming task.

Then, instead of practicing during nap after we got home, I had another migraine, complete with the visual crap. I am frustrated; I haven’t had migraines in months and months, and now suddenly I’m getting a ton of them. I think I may go see my doc next week to check things out if they don’t back off. There are obvious stressers right now that may be contributing, but the constant migraine recurrence isn’t helping me.

Of course, I couldn’t find the meds I got last time, so had to re-up my prescription and dash over to the pharmacy to get another batch. I got them into my system sooner, and so didn’t have as awful a day, but I am now going to make sure that I have Imitrex in every medicine cabinet in the house.

Lessons tonight were good, and right now I’m cooking up sweet potatoes in the juice from the sausages Ted and I fried up. They are super yummy that way, and I can use some yummy food to look forward to!


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