Ted’s birthday breakfast, twins’ swimming lesson, cooking

Today we went out for family breakfast in celebration of Ted’s birthday. That was fun. It reminded me, though, of when I was a waitress in my twenties and used to get so irritated at parents whose kids left a big mess, and who all seemed to think it was so cute. That used to really get under my skin. So, when the waitress at the breakfast joint appeared to get pretty bent out of shape about the food on the floor from the babies, I felt a bit guilty. But hey, it is all part of the job. And we left her a big tip to compensate.

Hazel decided to cut up her fruit into tiny little pieces and feed them to the babies, so she spent a lot of the meal being a sous chef. The result was really quite impressive.

Then we dropped her at school and took the twins to their first swimming lesson. That was fun. They like the water as their big sister does, and I am glad of that. There were smiles and coos, and they didn’t complain about being dunked. That was a fun thing to share. Being in the water tired them out; they fell asleep in the car, so I dropped Ted and the babies at home so they could go down for nap early. Then I went and picked Hazel up, had a good conversation with the mom of another kid, and came home. After Hazel ate a bit we went up for nap, and I spent the hour in bed too, with no desire to get up to do dishes, fold clothes, or practice. I just wanted to sleep.

This afternoon my friend A came over, and we took a walk over to a local school playground. We talked about relationships, and how personality types and traits affect how relationships go, and how understanding that can help de-personalize things in a constructive way.

Then tonight I cooked up a bunch of hamburger patties and some very yummy salmon covered with an egg and coconut flour mixture. Both turned out delicious, so now we have a good supply of protein in anticipation of Sunday’s Whole30 start.

And just now Joanna went to sleep with not even a peep, and it took Emily only a couple re-locations to her bed, a bit of whimpering, and six minutes to get to quiet. Let’s hear it for progress!


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