cello students, teenagers, babies’ sleep

I had a new student today. He’s a teenager, and barely opens his mouth enough to allow words to escape. I had to keep asking him what he’d said, in that terminally uncool way adults have. He also seemed to doubt that what I was suggesting he do had any worth, despite admitting that it was helping him to play in tune.
Me: “Did you hear that that was better?” [enthusiastically]
Him: “Well, it was better in tune.” [grudgingly]
Me: “Well, that makes it better, doesn’t it?!” [in my head]

I have another fairly new student whose mom doesn’t want her to have cello lessons if she’s not in orchestra. She doesn’t want to be in orchestra, because it’s too early (8:10 am or so). For that 8-ish class she gets up at 5:30 or 6, because it takes her a long time to wake up. Now, I am not a morning person. At. All. But I’d rather sleep longer and get up later. We’re all wired differently, though. So, I may lose her too. Nonetheless, she is getting better and appears to be aware of that, so that’s all to the good. She doesn’t seem to like much other than riding horses, though, so I think it’s about even odds whether she’ll keep cello up or not.

So my Thursday may go from very very busy to pretty light. We shall see. So goes the workload of the self-employed musician. Up, down, side to side.

I came home late, barely in time to help with putting the babies down. I was worried that my presence would be a disruption, get everyone worked up and unable to go to sleep. But, miraculously, it only took Emily 4 minutes, and Joanna 11. Amazing. And wonderful. And here’s hoping the night is smooth, too.

The cockles of the heart do warm when two babies start giggling and crawling/scooting toward you on sight, and pile into your lap to snuggle.

Tomorrow: practicing, Hazel’s preschool, and twins’ swim lessons. And then more practicing.


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