sleep training progress, Craigslist, mommy-daughter time

Apparent progress is evidently being made. How’s that for a hedged bet? I feel a wary unwillingness to entertain any sort of raised expectation, but tonight it only took about 20 minutes to settle Emily, and 40 to settle Joanna. Ted and I spent a while sitting on the side of the bed shushing while Joanna whimpered, babbled, whimpered, and then gradually subsided. I went around to my side of the bed to lie down at some point during that process, and Ted continued to shush for a bit longer. The initial crying jag was down to something like 10 minutes, a huge improvement. And I feel ok about it, because we are right there, patting and soothing, helping them calm down. I think this is a process which is a compromise we can live with between sleeping with them (not do-able) and leaving them to cry by themselves (not do-able by us).

I saw some improvement during nap today, too. Our consultant doesn’t recommend attempting to change the nap routine while also trying to work on night-time sleep, something I think is wise. But it is getting a bit easier to get them down, nonetheless. Today I nursed them and then the nanny took Joanna and I had Emily, who had fallen asleep on me. When I took her off my breast it only took a couple of sucks from the bottle and a couple of rocks back and forth, and I was able to lay her down on her bed. I still have trouble seeing how I’m going to get them down by myself, as I will have to do at least once a week, but I figure I’ll let that take care of itself in the future. Borrowing trouble, while a specialty of mine, is a habit I am working on unlearning.

This evening we went downtown to pick up a rug I’d seen on Craigslist. I spoke to the guy several times today, called before we left, and while we were en route to confirm his location. When we got there he said he’d be right down. A bit later he called Ted (who had called him while I was driving) and told him he’d sold the rug. I really don’t understand why anyone would be such a jerk. I called him back to chew him out, told him we have three kids and were paying a babysitter for that hour. He said, “I’m sorry, I don’t have two rugs. There’s nothing I can do.” grrr. Ted and I entertained a couple of childish revenge schemes to make ourselves feel better, which of course we wouldn’t act upon, and then worked on locating our adult selves and letting it go. The episode did point out to me how much more I value my time now that I have kids and so little margin.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to see if I can make some Mommy-Hazel time happen. She’s been a trooper through all this sleep training, and it’d be good to have a chance to have some relaxed time with her. And I won’t see her during the five days she and Ted will be visiting my mother-in-law. I’ll miss them both.


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