An all-nighter, kids’ activities, writing

Today’s earth-shaking news is that last night Joanna slept from 9:28 pm to 8 am this morning. There was one tiny whimper a bit after 10, but she didn’t wake up. And nothing more until we woke her up. Emily had an ok night, waking up at midnight, 12:45 and 3:40. Consequently, we got one stretch that was even a touch more than 4 hours, and the first part of the night wasn’t too bad either. The difference in mood and energy today was astounding. I need a lot more than one decent night to rebuild my depleted reserves, but it was really wonderful to wake up feeling human again. We are waiting with some interest to see what happens tonight.

We have no idea why Joanna, who’s been waking up 4 or 5 times a night for a month, had such a different night. But we do at least know that it is possible!

Today I signed Hazel up for a free soccer class tomorrow. I’m hoping that she’ll like it. The organization seems dedicated to an enjoyable experience for its tiny players, and one of her friends participates and loves it.

I also called a pianist friend of mine to talk about lessons for Hazel. I told her about both of those things, and she brightened, and said, “I’ll get to do two new things I haven’t done before!” So that’s a good sign.

This afternoon our nanny wanted to go ahead and take the TV she’s bought from us, since she had her mom’s van. Ted wasn’t home yet, so we put the babies in backpack-style carriers, went down to the basement, and started to carry the (approximately 35 – 40 pound) TV out. Wow, it’s much heavier and more awkward to do that when you’ve got a 20-pound baby on your back and can’t lean all the way forward. We managed not quite one step before deciding that wasn’t the way. I got a small moving dolly (that Ted had wanted to get rid of, but I cleverly said we should keep) and we maneuvered the TV onto it. Then we slowly rolled it out the door, along the side of the house, and out front where we discovered my neighbor sitting on her porch steps. She kindly watched the babies while we got the TV into the van. We were very proud of ourselves.

This evening I got to spend an hour and a half with my writing friends. I have been working on a scene, and last time I wrote a bunch of questions to answer about the characters’ motivations, the plot, and some background. I answered some of those tonight and was able to make some more progress with the scene, which was very satisfying.

Tomorrow’s goals are to do my PT exercises and practice. If I can get to the gym or out on the bike this week, I’ll have hit every category of personal work on my to-do list. One down, three to go…


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