Chamber music, kid and music, sleep

Sunday afternoon and evening, and Monday morning I got to spend hours playing chamber music with friends. There’s little better than that, in my world. Mozart (the “Dissonant Quartet”, K465), Brahms (can’t remember which string quartet, as it was the first thing I did when I got there), Beethoven (op. 59 No 2, “Rasumovsky” – link is to slow movement), Schubert (Quintet in C Major), and Arensky (Quartet in A minor) were the composers I got to play this time around. Plus there was wonderful food, swimming in the lake, the usual great people plus more new ones. I love going to this event every summer.

I stayed overnight, and such is the force of habit that when I woke up during the night several times I checked my cell phone to see how Ted was doing with the twins. Silly me. On the other hand, I was not awoken by actual crying babies, a huge luxury.

I also had good conversation with other musician parents there about kids and music. I have been wondering about starting Hazel with piano lessons. Having spoken with my friends about their kids, I think she’s ready to give it a try. I also think that piano is an excellent foundation for whatever else a person is ultimately interested in doing musically. She’ll be 4.5 in a month, and she’s a pretty smart cookie. She likes to sing and tinker on the piano. We’ll see how it goes.

I came home today and was launched straight into a difficult nap situation. It’s been a hard day. We’re going to go see a therapist we’ve done some couples work with in the past to talk about the sleep consultant’s ideas for what we can do to sleep train our babies, and just to get some support. We’re pretty stressed out these days.

I do think it’s time to get Hazel involved in more activities. She has energy to burn, and doing things like soccer and music would give us more to talk about and share, too. And it would give her more to think about. She’s a busy kid, can use things to do and ways to express herself.

And once the twins are sleeping better, I think it’ll be time for Ted and I to start finding time here and there to spend together. We haven’t had much of that lately, either.

Onward and upward, and all that…


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