The first day of our new routine

Well, I am proud of us. We got up at our agreed-upon time (well, I got up 15 minutes earlier with Emily, because she was quite awake). I made breakfast. We did the dishes. Ted made Hazel’s snack pack for school. We checked in about the day. We had nice time with the babies while Hazel slept. Then Ted got ready for work and left for the shuttle. Hazel woke up, I got her breakfast and got her ready for school. I got all the kids in the car, remembered Hazel’s snack pack (despite its hidden location in the fridge), and even got to the school a minute or two early, driving sedately.

So yeah, I forgot to close or lock the doors. And I forgot to zip up my shorts. Details, details.

When we got back it was morning nap time. I did our pre-nap routine, got the babies down, and they slept. It was a short nap, but a viable one.

Then I took a shower. That was a matter for serious drama. Emily and Joanna were in the bathroom with me, could see me in the shower, but Emily cried and then screamed top volume until I got out. There were lots of tears, a red face. So I kept it very brief, and as soon as the water was off she stopped crying, until, that is, Joanna took her toy. Then it started up again. Poor Emily.

After that we ran a couple of errands, and then I took them to a park where we sat on the grass in the shade and they explored the grass and leaves. There was a lot of, “Not in your mouth, baby,” but it was a very fun time. I showed Emily how to shred leaves, and she really got into that.

After we picked up Hazel from school we came home, had lunch, and then went up for afternoon nap. Hazel slept like a champ. Joanna nursed, and then popped up all happy and awake. I moved Emily over, off the nursing pillow, and miraculously she stayed asleep. I got up, got a bottle, and lay down with Joanna. She snuggled up, drank the bottle, breathed slowly and peacefully. She finished the bottle, popped up again, and started cooing her excitement about being awake and alive. I took her into the playroom, ran back into the bedroom, transferred Emily to the twins’ bed (much safer than ours), and ran back. That lasted maybe 10 minutes, tops, until Emily woke up crying. So, it was an almost complete nap fail, but Hazel slept for almost two hours. And I did find out that I can move Emily off the nursing pillow and she’ll stay asleep, at least for a while.

I brought the twins downstairs, called my mom, and then when Hazel came downstairs we had tea. Hazel got to feed the babies, which makes her very happy.

Then Ted came home and took over. After a bit I went off to my writing group for the first time in ages. And I wrote. And I saw my friends. And it felt so great to have a break!

While I was gone Ted cooked the second of our three weekly dishes. When I came home it was ready. So I got to eat some yummy stew, and then we took the kids upstairs. Tonight went much better than did last night, only bumpy in parts. And now, I am stupendously excited to announce, we are downstairs, and ALL THREE KIDS are ASLEEP upstairs. We’ve had to run up a couple of times, but each time they were asleep by the time we got there.

I have no idea what predictive value this day has or doesn’t have, but I’ll take it.

In a bit Ted and I will go up to go to sleep ourselves. And we will do so with calmer minds and hearts, which will serve us during the night, whatever happens.


3 thoughts on “The first day of our new routine

  1. r4n3sh says:

    My wife and I still cannot fathom how a mom is able to manage twins! Not easy is it?

  2. cellocatnw says:

    I’ll tell you, I have a hard time imagining handling this without my husband and our various (very part-time) nannies. It’s certainly logistically more complicated than one, but the bottom line is that everyone has challenges, and you figure out how to handle yours because you have to. I think it’s important to celebrate ourselves and others for what we do. I see from your profile that you have 4 sons. Wow! I bet having four isn’t a cake walk either.

    Thanks for commenting!

    • r4n3sh says:

      Everyone says we’ve managed extremely well with our 4 boys without anybody other than ourselves to actually take care of them or even babysit them just so my wife and I can go out on a date. They’re all good and well behaved (except the odd moments once in a while) and have a routine that my wife has got them into. A couple more weeks and our youngest will be off to play school as well. Quiet mornings ahead!! 😀 We’re so looking forward to that….especially my wife.

      You’re right.. about celebrating ourselves for what we do. Parenting comes with its challenges but I cannot imagine a life without kids. 🙂

      Take care and I’ll catch you later.

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